We Are More Than Just the Food!

Here at BRINGX, we help customers meet their budget with cheap fresh foods. We also help local farms and businesses increase customer base.




But it’s more than just the food!

Our Mission

To empower end-customers, local farms and small businesses using data science, blockchain, social commerce concepts, and more.


We are on a mission to create the future of food retail!


We are taking small steps by using technology such as data science, blockchain, and social commerce concepts; such as:

  • To build tools that give power to the end consumers
  •       To build tools that help businesses communicate better



Bringx’s bigger vision is to create a trusting and interactive environment for all social interactions

We Empower


For Our Customers - They will make better decisions, help other members make better decisions, and also help businesses make better decisions.

For Local Businesses - To better communicate with their customers, they will provide transparent information to their customers and do a better job serving their customers need.

For Our Business -With great talents on our team and our continuous search for the best talents, we will create the future of retail.

A trusting and interactive environment where customers can enjoy interacting with friends and businesses!






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