19floz Bubbly Wash XL

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Product Description

  • Amplify the benefits of your touch by washing in luxuriantly healthy bath waters.
  • Bubbly wash is highly concentrated and infused with nutrient-rich phytocura™ complex, made of precious rose petal extractions and pure mandarin rose oil. This family-size pump top container covers 180 baby washes.
  • Let natural suds glide gently over hair and skin, then rinse away pristine clean without a drop of residue.
  • This bubbly ph-balanced bath gel leaves skin feeling healthy, soft and conditioned, never tacky or dry. It softens, moisturizes, and smells delightful while providing a powerful antioxidant boost with green tea and marigold.
  • You can cleanse without shedding a tear because Bubbly Wash is ocularly tested and won't sting the eyes.


About the Brand: BEB Organic

Born from the medicinal power of healing superfoods, and refined over decades with doctors and nurses, BEB Organic skincare formulas deliver the moisture, nutrition and energy to nurture and replenish skin. The bespoke scents, textures and ingredients of BEB Organic are specifically chosen to help babies and parents feel calm, sleep better, and forge stronger connections through the experience of touch. Developed for newborn safety and clinically proven to be gentle. Pregnancy, Newborn and NICU Safe. Decades ago, clean beauty pioneer Kim Walls began a personal quest to bring strength and joy into the lives of her friends and family by sharing the powerfully healing science of touch. BEB Organic is the result of her journey.

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