Beb Organic Vital Touch Set, 5 Pcs

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Product Description

Chosen by America's top hospitals & birth centers for uncompromising safety standards and proven effectiveness.

This is the full collection of 5 essential baby skin care formulas from BEB Organic. They bring a new level of health and vitality to baby & pregnancy skincare.

Start with Bubbly Wash for a fresh, tear-free bath, then apply Soothing Serum to balance the skin. Follow with Silky Cream for calming hydration, Nurturing Oil to lock in moisture, and Diaper Balm to protect against diaper rash.

Use the entire ritual or pick and choose as you please.

What's Included

1. Baby Bubbly Wash (19 fl oz / 561 ml), 1 Piece

  • Family-size covers 170 baby bathtimes
  • For face, body, scalp & hair
  • Smells like fresh mandarin zest & rose
  • Free of synthetic fragrances & dyes. Never stings the eyes.
  • Infused with PHYTOCURA™ Complex (rose petal extractions & mandarin rose oil)

2. Baby  Nourishing Oil (2 fl oz / 59 ml), 1 Piece

  • For sensitive newborn skin
  • Cranberry oil and sunflower oil for hydration
  • For face, body & scalp
  • Smells like a clean slate with the almost undetectable essence of freshly pressed cranberry oil
  • Free of synthetic fragrances & dyes 

3. Baby Healing Gel (2 fl oz / 59 ml), 1 Piece

  • FDA registered treatment
  • Alleviate dry skin patches and baby acne, eczema, and umbilical care
  • Ideal blemish control for pregnant or breastfeeding moms
  • Smells like fresh rose petals with gems of calming marigold
  • Free of synthetic fragrances & dyes. Clinically proven allergen-free

4. Baby  Silky Cream (4 fl oz / 118 ml), 1 Piece

  • Deeply moisturizing, exceedingly light cream
  • Rosehip oil, rose petal extractions, mandarin rose oils
  • Soothe dry, rough patches. For face & body
  • Smells like fresh citrus, marigold, and green tea
  • Free of synthetic fragrances & dyes

5. Baby  Diaper Balm (2 oz / 56 g), 1 Piece

  • Remediate rashes with PHYTOCURA™ Phytonutrient Complex
  • Alleviate inflammation, redness, and pain within hours
  • For face & body
  • Smells warmly captivating, like the bliss of a long, comfortable hug
  • Free of synthetic fragrances & dyes

About the Brand: Beb Organic

Kim Walls began her personal quest to bring strength and joy into the lives of her friends and family 10 years ago. BEB Organic is the result of her journey.

Born from the medicinal power of healing superfoods, BEB Organic skincare formulas deliver the moisture, nutrition, and energy to nurture and replenish skin.

Developed for newborn safety and clinically proven to be gentle. Pregnancy, Newborn, and NICU Safe.

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