Organics Antioxidant Face Oil, 4 Pack

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Product Description

  • An all-in-one facial oil to combat wrinkles, acne and oily or dry damaged skin.
  • This thoughtful blend of 11 oils, is very light in consistency, containing "Dry" oils that are quickly absorbed into the skin without leaving any residue or clogging pores.
  • But "I already have oily skin" you say?
  • Trust us, this is your ticket! Using a dry oil blend on your face actually helps your skin retain moisture and regulates your skin's oil production, PREVENTING your skin from getting oily. We promise!


About the Brand: Belle & Beast Organics

Christy created the Belle and Beast Organics out of a personal need for clean, organic and chemical-free skincare. Her whole life she struggled with incredibly sensitive skin and at age 15, after a terrible reaction to an “organic” lip balm laced with drying agents, she began making her own beauty products. After researching DIY skincare products and their ingredients, Christy began to develop her own formulas because she thought if homeopathy worked for her healthcare, she knew it would help her skin.

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