Colloidal Silver Home & Kitchen Cleaner

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Product Description

  • Harness the power of true colloidal silver and pure essential oils.
  • Our colloidal silver kitchen & home cleaner disperses around 1 quadrillion nanosilver particles with every spray, along with our deep cleaning essential oil blend.
  • This multipurpose cleaner is safe, non-toxic, and extremely effective.
  • Keep a bottle in your kitchen, bathroom, car, or bag to use on any germ-communicable surface, including hands,cutting boards, countertops, appliances, toilet seats, doorknobs, light switches, & more

About the Brand: The Natural Kitchen by Old Factory

Old Factory's move into the natural kitchen world was a natural one, working in the cutting board industry for years we saw a lack of truly high quality and natural products. Our kitchen collection works well, and is nourishing to your skin, and safe for your world.

Old Factory specializes in uniquely aromatic, artisan soap and natural perfume. Created in 2008 as a positive, healthy, and creative outlet, a soap maker and an artist with severe skin allergies founded Old Factory. Each creation is handmade with high quality, natural ingredients, essential oils, herbs and botanicals. Our packaging is all hand designed in house, with a focus on sustainability and simplicity. Our unique perfume blends, complex and intuitively based, are created using pure plant material. Our base recipes are made from high quality oils, formulated with attention to the healing properties of the ingredients we use. We are based in Blanco, Texas, in the middle of the Texas Hill Country.

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