Free Range Chicken, Spring Mix Salad & Fruit Family | In Season Grab Bag 02

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Product Details

Not sure what to get? This Grab Bag gets all the freshness on the farm to you... What's better? It's super easy to make delicious dishes out of them!

Who Is This For

Perfect for smaller household (1-3 people), family with kids, fruit lovers

What's in the Bag

This Grab Bag includes a mix of fruits and vegetables and a free-range half chicken. You can make 3 dishes out of them:

1. A Big Delicious Spring Mix Salad Topped with In-Season Fruits

  • Organic Spring Mix, Kenter Canyon Farms (California), 0.5 lb
  • Organic Colorful Cherry Tomatoes, Valalvia Farms (California), 1lb
  • Organic Green Figs, Garcia Organic Farms (California), 1 basket (0.5 lb)
  • Organic Tangerines, Bernard Ranches (California), 1 lb
  • Organic Purple Bell Pepper, Rocky Canyon Farms (California), 1 count
  • Organic Apples, See Canyon (California), 2 count
(Items may vary slightly in different seasons)
2. A Mix Of Fruit Family
  • Apple Family Mix:
Red Gold, Honey Crisp, Empire, Jonalicious, Winesap, Mutsu, Braeburn
  • Or Stone Fruit Family Mix:
Dapple Jack Pluot, Flavor Queen Pluot, White Peach, Yellow Peach, White Nectarine, Yellow Nectarine, Galaxy Peach, Brittney Golden Apricot, Candy Stripe Pluot, Flavor Heart Pluot
(Items may vary slightly in different seasons)

3. Baked Free-Range Chicken

Organically Fed Free Range Chicken from Rocky Canyon Farms (California)

Organic Purple Bell Pepper

Organic Colorful Cherry Tomatoes

Freshness and Quality Guarantee

Your satisfaction and happiness are all that we care about! We will refund 100% of your money if you are not satisfied with the freshness and quality of the product upon delivery! 

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