Fruity Feast Turkey Celebration Dinner (More Fruits)

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Fruity Feast Turkey Celebration Dinner Bundle

Get everything you need for a centerpiece Willie Bird turkey with all the ingredients for the sides.

Best for you if you love a good juicy turkey with some organic fruits and sides. Best for a special celebration dinner with friends or family. Portion serves 4 people (4 servings).

Some Words from Wille Bird- "The Best Turkey In The World"

Willie Bird free-range turkey is voted the "best turkey in the world" by chefs around the world. Willie Bird is a special selected broad-breasted turkey line.

Each year a limited amount of these birds are raised.

These Sonoma County range grown turkeys are raised outdoors in fields with oak trees, lots of sunshine, and a special vegetarian diet.

This natural growing environment results in premium, tender, juicy birds with a superior yield-- without the need for hormones or growth stimulants.

And due to the premium quality and handling of the birds, absolutely no preservatives or additives are used or needed in the processing of a Willie Bird Turkey. 

Items Included

12-30 lbs Whole All-Natural Turkey from Willie Bird (free-range, all-natural, meaning no hormones, no preservatives, non-GMO)

Organic Sweet Potatoes, 2-4 lbs

Organic Delicata, Butternut or Other Fall Squash, 2-3 count

Organic Triple-washed Spring Mix Lettuces, 1 bag

Organic Red Chard, Spinach or Kale, 1 bunch

Organic Herbs, 1 bunch

Organic Valencia Oranges, 2- 3 lbs

Organic Pomegranate, 1-2 count

Organic Figs, 1 basket

Organic Persimmon, 2-3 lbs

Organic Lemon, 1-3 count

Organic Honey Crisps Apples, 2-4 lbs


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*All veggies and fruits are organic, grown in Southern California, sold by small local farms.

**Items may vary slightly based on supply. But we always text you to make sure we are getting everything you like!