Organic Ojai California Wellness Soap Set, 9 Pack

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Product Description

  • No.12 BESPOKE "Garde Manger" Chefs Blend GoatMilk Bar- Soothe over-washed hands with nourishing lemongrass, rosemary oil and odor neutralizing lemon, with himalayan pink salt to exfoliate. Bespoke bar soaps are designed for health lifestyle activities, each recipe custom made with professional input. Each ingredient mindfully selected to ensure results.
  • No.36 WELLNESS Immunity Blend Goat Milk Bar Soap- Eucalyptus, lemon, ginger, frankincense, tea tree and oregano support the immune system in base of healing avodado, black seed and hemp oils topped with immune booster cats claw. 4.5 oz.
  • No.19 "Namaste" Yoga Blend Goat Milk Soap - Increase focus and breath awareness with holy basil, eucalyptus and myrrh, while grounding ginger, vetiver and patchouli keep you centered. No 19 helps you connect more deeply to your breath, soothes muscles, while leaving you calm and balanced. Artisanal Luxury Goat Milk, BESPOKE & WELLNESS products, handmade with organic, sustainable, responsibly sourced ingredients, crafted to be effective. Reused, repurposed & recycled inputs and packaging. Soaps use a unique blend of plant based oils, Pure Essential Oils, locally harvested herbs & goat milk from Ojai, CA.

About the Brand: Bogue Milk Soap

Susan Bogue created her first soaps in Ojai California for an all handmade goods shop opened by her mother called Dos Manos or "two hands" in 1973. Twentyfive years later her son joined her to take what had grow to a small line of bar or shaving sopas and grow it into a full line of bath, body, hair & skincare goods. Meticulously researched, painstakingly developed, including purpose built Bespoke & Wellness products for individuals, for a healthy body & mind.
Bogue Milk Soap creates all its soap with a simple philosophy, the belief and commitment that every product is made with the best ingredients available and is of superior quality. We use organic oils, butters and herbs – many of our ingredients are grown and produced right here in the Ojai Valley like fresh, raw goat milk and organic lavender from neighboring farms or our homegrown botanicals to infuse of comfrey, chickweed, plantain, calendula and chamomile. Live clean!

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