Plant-Based Organic Smoothie Mix, 3 Pack

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Product Description

Certified organic 100% vegan vegan organic protein and has a mild, natural taste, with a hint of vanilla, and is a premier plant-based protein that can be blended into smoothies of all kinds and flavors. 


About the Brand: Blenditup

One fateful afternoon in 1999, brothers, and fellow Vitamix demonstrators, Rod and Danny, made a wonderful family the proud new owners of the powerful Vitamix/all-purpose kitchen appliance. The family was so excited to try out their new Vitamix, that they invited Rod and Danny to their home to help get them started! The Stuart brothers gladly accepted; however, when Rod and Danny realized the family had none of the key ingredients they used during their show! They managed to find some freezer-burnt berries hidden in the back of the freezer and skim milk. Needless to say, the results were very underwhelming and the family was not as impressed as when they had been earlier that day. This got the brothers thinking, and Blenditup was born. Rod and Danny would go on to create a line of consumables that would enhance the blending experience for all!


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