Mangrove Honey La Tovara, 3 Pack

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Product Description

  • A savory, salty honey with flavors of bay leaf, mace, taffy, olive oil, sea salt.
  • Collected from the carefully preserved mangroves along the Nayarit coast.
  • Pairs with chicken, fish, earthy spices, salami, mezcal, whiskey, and blue cheese.
  • Glass jar with metal lid and gold foil label. Ships in a gift box.
  • Size: 11.5 ounces.


About the Brand:State Honey Curators

State Honey Curators discovers unique honey in wild, lush locations in Mexico and captures the beauty.

Honey is like wine—the nose, the palette, and the finish should have depth, intrigue, and delight. They should be paired with the right foods so that they enhance flavor and become greater than the sum of their parts, like a spice. We spend a lot of time understanding the flavor profile of each of our honeys to ensure they are paired perfectly with food and drinks. And as terroir influences honey each season, flavor profiles change as well - unique, rich, and non-repeatable.

We specifically source honeys from apiculturists who are dedicated to the health and well-being of their bees as well as the ecosystems where they live. Our apiculturists place the bees in organic-practice orchards or wild areas where many varieties of wildflowers, weeds, blooming trees are part of the available nectar supply for the bees at the same time. We believe this diversity in the bee’s diet is what creates such layered, unique honey, and strong, healthy colonies. They are humble people who work hard and care deeply for bees and the environment.

Our jars are designed by us to capture the beauty and magic of their contents. They allow a spoon to access every corner of the jar, and they allow the sunlight to illuminate the hues of the honey.

Our goal is to provide unique flavors and textures perfect for pairing and savoring.

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